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The Luxury Home Enthusiast's Reading List for 2020

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

With 2020 officially in full swing, it’s time to compile a reading list that’s worth getting excited about for the upcoming year. After all, there’s nothing like surrounding yourself with quality literature to enjoy in your downtime. Among the many lofty goals and resolutions we often set for ourselves at the start of the year, diving into a good book is at least one of the more enjoyable pursuits. For those who simply love luxury homes, here are a few must-reads to put on your list.

The Finer Things, Christiane Lemieux Celebrated interior designer Christiane Lemieux believes that a luxurious living space is defined by enduring quality and timeless beauty. Her book, The Finer Things, focuses on how to capture these elements in your home through a study of fabrics, textiles, color and more. If you want to improve your eye for quality and learn about what truly makes an object or piece of furniture exquisite, then consider picking up a copy of this thoughtful resource.

Wild at Home, Hilton Carter Looking to incorporate some greenery into your interiors this year? Wild at Home is a balanced guide that sheds light on the art of decorating with houseplants, as well as how to best care for them. You may have already found out the hard way just how finicky a fiddle-leaf fig tree is, but plant-lover Hilton Carter’s insights will ensure this is the year you master the leafy look in your home.

Homebody, Joanna Gaines Written by the co-star of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, this #1 New York Times Bestseller will leave you wondering if there’s anything Joanna Gaines can’t do. At its core, Homebody is aimed at helping you identify your personal style and designing a space that reflects. With large photos and a beautiful matte finish, this is an infinitely valuable resource for creating the perfect ambience in your new home.  

The Minimalist Home, Joshua Becker If you feel like this is the year you’re going to declutter your home and finally get rid of all that extra stuff, then The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker should be on your list. This room-by-room guide is all about designing a living environment that’s simple without compromising warmth and comfort. Becker, a renowned minimalist advocate and blogger, pays equal attention to helping readers create a space that fosters productivity, making this an insightful read that bridges the gap between home design and lifestyle.

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