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Business Plan

The Primack Team Property Management offers the seamless pairing of professionalism, expertise, and technology to give you the peace of mind needed to manage your properties.

Let us advertise and market your property, screen applicants, handle move-in and move-out procedures, maintenance calls, rent collection, and make sure your property is always ready for the market. No property is too large or too small for the Primack team.

Primack Team

Mission Statement

Our vision is to have successful long term relationships with our team members & clients. We are a diverse team of hardworking, loyal members working in real estate by referral. Our members consistently assist their clients with integrity, fairness and persistence.


BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomesServices, Nevada Properties

Mission Statement


Offer superb service accompanied by exceptional value for our clients while creating trust, loyalty, and a client for life.


Debbie Primack, LLC, is associated with BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomesServices NV Properties and is a permitted property manager in the State of Nevada. She is a principle and manager of the Primack Team, a full-service residential, property management and marketing group of knowledgeable and experience professionals who work together to succeed in meeting client goals.


Previously, she was the Owner/Broker of Primack Realty. With 33 years of experience in the industry and over $440 million in real estate sales in Southern Nevada, her work and contributions to the real estate industry have been recognized by Who’s Who in Real Estate. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame and awarded the coveted GLVAR REALTOR of the year for 2011.


Real estate is life at the Primack home. My clients always come first attitude is the reason for Debbie’s longevity and success in the business. She asks her clients what she can do for them, and her priority is keeping them happy. Debbie is active  with the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors and Nevada Association of Realtors serving as past Legislative Committee Co-Chair, Issues Mobilization Committee (past Chair), Political Action Committee (past Chair), Nevada Realtors Political Affairs Committee, the Board of Realtors Political Affairs Committee (past Treasurer), and the Scholarship Committee (Chair). Furthermore, she wrote the first political affairs seminar which became accredited in Nevada for continuing education and subsequently adopted by the National Association of Realtors. Additionally, she served on the board for Sunrise Children’s Foundation for 10 years; and is currently active with the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. Also, she graduated from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Leadership program in 1995; and the Nevada Association of Realtors Leadership program in 2003.


Debbie’s higher education includes a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Boulder in Marketing and Human Relations; and 2 Dale Carnegie sales training and human relation courses.


Debbie has two children and two grandchildren. She states, “I absolutely love raising a family and living in Southern Nevada.”


What we do for you:


We give you Peace of Mind,

We have great follow up skills and a proactive staff

We are the conduit between Owners and Tenants.

We keep you insulated from the day to day problems of property management.

We keep you informed with a monthly profit and loss statement and copies of all invoices. We never up-charge your invoices.

We market and advertise your property via the internet with pictures on, Multiple Listing Service, Primack Team BHHS website,, Google, Zillow, Yahoo, Trulia,, Hotpads, etc. Over 92% of potential tenants look for homes via the internet first.

If you are currently under contract with another company, with your written permission, we will coordinate the transfer for you.

Recommend a competitive rent for your property based on comparables in your investment area.

Screen and qualify tenants 7 categories, including but not limited to a credit report, national background check, terrorist check, sex offender check, rental verification, employment verification, length of residency and eviction record. We use a point system for every candidate. Every tenant is treated the same. They need to score 14 points. Approval is based upon the information provided as to whether or not we feel that they will take care of the property and landscaping and second, can they afford the property.

We prefer one year or one year+ leases. Although, we can accommodate owners that request six months or month to month leases.

All monies are deposited into either our security deposit or operating trust accounts. You will receive your monthly proceeds via direct deposit or mail. Your monthly accounting statement and copies of invoices will be either emailed or mailed, whichever you prefer. We have web based software that allows you to view your statements thru your portal in Appfolio.

You are responsible for paying your mortgage.

We are here to make your life easier and to keep all expenses in one place. We can pay your HOA fees, LID or SID fees, trash, property taxes and sewer bills. You will need to provide the bills, tax coupon, SID bill, etc. for us to pay those bills for you.  We do not charge to pay for repairs, cleaning, carpet cleaning, pool and landscaping services or court appearances for evictions.

Security Deposits will be held in a separate trust account and dispersed by us. If cleaning or repairs are needed when a tenant vacates, some of those repairs will be deducted from their security deposit. Remember, there will always be some owner charges when a tenant vacates. The security deposit is designed to cure deficiencies in the property caused by the tenant abuse or not normal wear and tear.

We complete a move in walk through inspection, interim inspections, pre-move out inspections and a move-out inspection.

We arrange for all repairs, cleaning, carpet cleaning, landscaping, pool service, painting, changing of locks, etc. You are responsible for paying the contractors if funds are not available in your account to pay for repairs.

We make it very easy for your tenant to pay the rent. 79% of our tenants pay rent online through our software. If tenants prefer mailing the rent, we provide self-addressed envelopes. With our web based software, tenants can pay, view their statements, and log repairs online through their tenant portals.

Usually, rent is collected on the first of each month and is late after the third at 5:00pm. We do make some exceptions if tenant requests paying on a different date and the owner agrees. If a tenant fails to pay, the eviction process will begin between the eight and the tenth. We do call, text and email notices in an attempt to collect the rent and late fees. If the tenant cannot pay the late fee, they will be required to sign a “Promise to Pay” pledge with dates and amounts of payment of said late fees.

We work with an eviction service and collection service, because some tenants don’t always pay. We make every effort to contract with forthright tenants, but sometimes their situations change and additional action may be required to obtain your money.

We encourage you have a home warranty plan in place. This will eliminate any unforeseen major expenses, such as replacing water heaters, leaky dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers, air conditioner compressors, plumbing and electrical problems. We will structure the lease to have the tenant pay a $75 deductible for the repair calls after the first 60 days of the lease. This usually prevents tenants from abusing the property, because they will have to pay the deductible to the warranty company. Please understand, there are exceptions on a case by case basis. If major repairs are necessary, such as water heater problems, HVAC problems, underground leaks, electrical problems and roof leaks, we do not require the tenant to pay a $75 deductible.

Per the lease agreement, the tenant is responsible for any maintenance that is caused by their abuse.

State law requires us to provide your CIC documents to the tenant. We will obtain your documents from your Common Interest Community if you do not have them available for the tenant. If there is a cost, you will be responsible to pay it.

We encourage you to keep your relationship with the Realtor that referred you to us. When you are ready to sell the property, we will help you coordinate the listing with your Realtor. If your agent is no longer in business or you cannot get in touch with them, we can sell it for you.

In most situations, it is recommended that you offer your property to pet owners. We will assess the size of the animal allowed depending upon the property.

We are property managers who value your business and your property. We will take great care of your property to the best of our ability.  We need to work together professionally to keep your property in good working order. We will stay in touch with you!!



Our standard monthly fee for a six month to one year lease is 8% of the gross monthly rents collected, with a minimum of $75 per month of the monthly rents collected.

Clients with multiple properties, our fee is 8% per property or $75 whichever is greater for additional properties.

Our standard fee is 20% of the gross monthly rent for leases of less than six months. These properties are usually corporate completely furnished rentals.

$300 Leasing Fee and Re-Leasing fee of $100.

Late fees collected are split 50/50 between owners and manager.

Our leasing only option instead of full property management services is 75% of a full month’s rent, with a minimum of $500.

If another agent procures a tenant from the Multiple Listing Service, we need to pay a referral fee to the co-op agent’s Broker. To be competitive, it is recommended that we offer $300 in most situations. Larger properties are usually $500 or more.




Mark Stark, Owner, BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomesServices NV Properties


Rick Brulee, General Sales Manager, BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomesServices NV Properties


Scott Schroeder, Schroeder Investments, Owner


Dr. Ding, Owner


Carol Grimes, Owner


Linda Wang, Owner & Realtor


Dr. Liu, Owner


Dinah and John Chidester, Owner


Christina Velasquez, Former Tenant


Dave Woolston, Owner & Realtor


Leslie Carver – BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomesServices NV Properties


Fengling Wang – BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomesServices NV Properties

Jess Garcia – BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomesServices NV Properties


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