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Why Cities Are Ideal for Aging in Place

For many seniors, finding the right home to age in place is an important decision. Equally significant, however, is finding the right location. When looking for a home where you can comfortably grow old, it’s increasingly common to look to the city. If you’re still trying to determine the best environment to age in place, here are a few reasons why an urban setting might be the right choice.

Walkability The convenience of being able to walk everywhere has major appeal for seniors. Whether you’re going to the grocery store or meeting friends in the park, chances are you can live your life without having to get in the car. Should the day come that you no longer feel comfortable driving, this, of course, allows you to stay active and continue enjoying everything the city has to offer.

Culture Abounds Speaking of everything the city has to offer, you’ll find endless activities, events and cultural institutions right on your doorstep. While some might think aging in place means spending your days sitting around the house, it’s far from that when you live in the city. You can soak up all the energy of your surroundings and visit exciting art exhibits, eat at the hottest restaurants and spend an evening at the theater.

Low Maintenance As we get older, maintaining a house becomes more difficult. From cleaning the gutters to shoveling the driveway, there may come a time when the house feels like a little too much work. Living in a professionally managed building in the city, however, takes that burden entirely off of you. You’re free to spend your time on your own terms because someone will be readily available to handle repairs and maintenance as needed.

Quality Healthcare It’s no secret that the best hospitals and doctors are often found in the city. If you want to have easy access to the best quality care for you and your partner while aging in place, then living in the city will most likely deliver exactly that. Even for those who are healthy and active, if nothing else, you can enjoy peace of mind.


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