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Property Management Services

Primack Team Property Management elimintes the stress of managing your property. 

Learn how we can maximize your returns while keeping your tenants happy.

As a Primack Team Client you will have the comfort and security of knowing that your rental property will be fully maintained, routinely inspected and cared for. 

Whether you are looking to lease your investment property, purchase an investment property or change management companies Primack Team Property Manangment can assist you.

Primack Team manages single-family homes condominiums, multi-family properties, townhomes and small apartments buildings.

Our broad network of contacts provides us with multiple avenues finding for finding qualified tenants to lease your investment property. 

With Primack Team Property Management, you can be confident that will place qualified and financially capable tenants in your property. We can use a rigorous screening methods and point system to screen all tenants.




  • Thorough tenant screening

  • Rent collection

  • Direct-­deposit disbursement

  • Determining market rent

  • Rental property marketing

  • Maintenance and repair coordination

  • Routine property inspections

  • Coordinate and communicate with HOAs

  • Monthly statements, invoices and accounting provided by state­-of-­the-­art, Internet-­based management software

  • Prepare leases and addendums

  • Review tenant and landlord dwelling insurance

  • Move-­in and move­-out walk throughs

  • Invoice and bill payment

  • Provide year­-end statements and 1099 reporting

  • Focus on tenant retention

  • Communicate with warranty companies and vendors

  • Home warranty management

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