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Residential Property Management 

We eliminate the stress of managing your property. Learn how we can maximize your returns while keeping your tenants happy.

Residential Services Overview

Primack Asset Management’s expertise in residential property management business will prove beneficial in the leasing and management of your rental property. Our leasing and property management services are offered as two separate services, which may be combined for single family homes, condominiums and small apartment buildings. We are often able to accommodate our clients with unique properties or needs.

Our Residential Real Estate Services Include:

1.Tenant Referral and Screening
Our broad network of contacts provides us with multiple avenues for finding quality and qualified tenants to rent your investment property. With Primack Asset Management, you can rest assured we will only put financially capable and quality tenants in your property. Our rigorous screening methods ensure that all properties are filled with tenants who are going to treat your investment property as if it is their own.

2.Rental Property Marketing
During our marketing campaigns we create custom marketing packages, which offer quality full color flyers with photos posted to over a dozen rental websites and available for printing for on premises advertising for one low monthly fee to broadly market your vacancy. We use visible “L post” signs whenever permitted to capture drive-by prospects and referrals from area neighbors. We also have other unique methods of marketing your property through our broad network of contacts.

3.Determining Market Rent
Our vast inventory of homes and thorough knowledge of the rental market will help ensure that your rental property is leased quickly at current market level. We have access to a large selection of brokers and market rental rates that will help us determine at what price and what terms will give you the best return on investment to ensure that you have a positive cash flow.


4.Showing Rental Property
We are available seven days a week, days and evenings, to show properties to prospective tenants. Our operations & management teams hand select property managers to show our properties. Many of our property managers have been brokers and Realtors before, so rest assured that they are polished and able to make every property we manage look attractive.


5.Lease Negotiation
We prepare and execute all paperwork associated with the property with our in-house attorneys to ensure that lease negotiations are fair and legally sound. Our attorneys have over 40 years experience and keep up with the state and federal housing regulations and city ordinances that shift as the requirements change each year.


Determine market rent level.
Market rental property for lease.
Make recommendations to increase marketability.
Show available property to prospective tenant. Agents are available 7 days a week, days and evenings.
Screen tenants; credit, criminal and sex offender check, and verification of landlord and employment references.
Negotiate lease terms.


7.Property Maintenance
Should your rental property need appliances, repairs or carpet cleaning, we have access to the most cost efficient contractors and service people due to our volume buying power and resulting discounts. We also maintain a small group of in-house repair-people to offer our clients even better rates for small jobs. If it can be done in house, our clients often save over 50% over having us use an outside vendor.


We provide you with monthly accounting statements for the property in the form of a detailed financial statement. Our accounting team offers direct deposit of your monthly net profits for the most efficient cash flow disbursements.


9.Brokerage and Sales
If you choose at some point to sell your property, Our brokerage team can provide full service sales, which is a benefit to you as we most familiar with the property’s value, giving you the highest chance of making a profitable and successful sale.

10.Complete Management
From after hours maintenance emergencies to neighbor disputes, Primack Asset Management handles all issues related to the property. A check and financial statement representative of your cash flows are sent to property owners each month. In addition, we often like to call owners and see if there is anything we can do to improve our communications or management procedures. We like to hear from property owners as well with regards to giving us feedback on the job that we are doing. Your property manager will be in constant contact with the property owner, allowing for a two-way method of communication, which provides for a successful management relationship.


11.Property Management
Collect and deposit rents.
Pay invoices from rental income.
Enforce terms and conditions of the lease agreement.
Coordinate repairs and maintenance.
Supervise turnover in tenancy; painting, carpet cleaning, locks changes, etc.
Provide a monthly financial statement and cash flow disbursement based upon income received and expenses incurred.

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