• No set up fees

  • $300 leasing fee for each time the property is marketed for a new tenant

  • Our standard monthly fee for a six month to 1 year lease is 10% of the gross monthly rents collected, with a minimum of $75 per month.

  • For landlords with two or more properties managed by Primack Team Property Management, our management fee is reduced to 8% per property, with a minimum of $75 per month per property.

  • Late fees collected are split 50/50 between owners and property manager.

  • $100 Re-­leasing fees.

  • When another real estate agent procures a tenant from the Multiple Listing Service, that agent earns a co-­op fee that is typically $300.

  • Larger properties’ co-­op fees are usually $500 or more. The co-­op fee is in addition to the leasing fee.

  • We are here to make your life easier. Paying invoices for repairs, cleaning, carpet cleaning, pool and landscaping services, painting, handyman, etc., are all part of our management fee. We never upcharge repairs.

  • In addition to paying maintenance invoices, Primack Team Property Management will pay other bills for you for a $20 monthly fee –­­ including HOA dues, LID or SID fees, trash, property taxes and sewer bills — from your rent proceeds. There is a $20 extraordinary service fee for attending HOA meetings and going to court more than once for the same tenant.

  • Our leasing­-only option, instead of full property management services, is 75% of a full month’s rent with a minimum of $500.

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