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  • Property Management Fee - 10%

  • Average Leasing Fee (Upon Leasing Signing of a NEW Tenant/Move-In) - $400

  • Owners Reserve (Refundable) - $400

  • $100 Tenant renewal fee 

  • No set up fees.

  • Cooperative real estate agents procures a tenant from the Multiple Listing Service, that agent earns a co-­op fee that averages $300-$500.

  • We are here to make your life easier. Paying invoices for repairs, cleaning, carpet cleaning, pool and landscaping services, painting, handyman, etc., are all part of our management fee. We never upcharge repairs.

  • No costs for annual sight evaluations with detailed report and photos.

  • No sign up/leasing costs for currently occupied properties.

  • Free Tenant Orientation.

  • No management fees during vacancy period.

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