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Decluttering Before You Move

Getting rid of things you no longer need is a vital step in the moving process because it serves two purposes. First, it’s a key component of home staging because too much stuff can make a room look unorganized and cramped. Second, it makes moving easier—who wants to move a bunch of things they actually don’t need?

But throwing out items that could be put to good use by someone is a waste, and the best solution is often to donate unwanted things to charities and organizations. Goodwill, the Salvation Army and your local church are certain to welcome much of your stuff, but here are some other ideas for places to donate your belongings.

Furniture: You may have sofas, chairs or tables that don’t fit the decor of your new home, or maybe you’re downsizing. Your local senior center may be looking for furniture, either for the center or to give to older people in your community. Women’s shelters are another terrific option, as are organizations that help the homeless find places to live independently.

Clothes: Dress for Success is a terrific non-profit that provides clothing for low-income women to wear during job interviews, allowing them to make a good first impression during the job search. It has branches throughout the country and if there isn’t one by you, there may be something similar. Also, look for schools and organizations that host clothing drives.

Kitchen Appliances: There’s an excellent chance that your kitchen is home to a few gadgets you haven’t used in years, or maybe you have multiple toasters, mixers or blenders. In addition to the usual outlets, your local school or community college may be looking for appliances to use in their classrooms. Many organizations also operate thrift stores where they sell donated items in support of their cause.

Books, CDs and DVDs: These are things that aren’t going to make you much money if you sell them, especially CDs and DVDs, which are declining in popularity in the age of streaming. (However, vinyl is growing in popularity, so your old record collection may fetch a few dollars.) Your local library is sure to appreciate the donation. Senior centers also can make good of these and kids’ books and DVDs can go to a local shelter.

Now you’ve decluttered and provided things to people who need them. What could be better than that?

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