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5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Home's Ambiance

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

When you first moved into your home, the walls might’ve been white and the floors covered in beige carpeting. Although this décor choice is classic for some rentals and brand-new homes, you don’t have to live with the neutral colors. In fact, there are simple ways to transform your home’s ambiance and add some flair with just a few creative changes.

Try Vintage Furniture Your home’s ambiance is dependent on not only paint color and flooring choices, but also your décor selections. The furniture is a focal point of any living room. Think outside the box, and shop around some vintage stores in your area. You can find upholstered chairs, loveseats and other items for incredibly low prices. The fabrics you’ll encounter will be distinct, too. Vintage items tend to have decades-old patterns that can improve a home’s ambiance with one quick glance.

Decorate Your Glass Choose a window in a high-traffic area and make it a decorative focal point by adding a stained-glass film to it. You can use the film as a partial accent for the window or fully cover the glass. Installation is simple, and many kits come with everything you need, including a tool to help smooth out any bubbles. When you carefully apply it, the film should last for years. The sun shines through the colors and creates a dramatic effect across a room.

Go Green With Indoor Plants Although you could try artificial plants indoors, they still won’t have the same effect as real plants. Add real plants to your home in nearly every room. There are so many varieties that work well in any shaded area that the choices are endless. Along with adding a distinct look, plants can provide better air quality in a home. If you water them regularly, they should flourish.

Light Your Rooms With Flair It’s possible to make any room look fresh and inviting with the right lighting concept. Free up valuable floor space by installing wall sconces along a hallway, or add sconces on a living room wall as accent points.

In your kitchen, consider adding drop-down lamps that hang from your ceiling and culminate with a subtle lampshade and bulb. Add two or three of these lamps just above your kitchen island, for example. You’ll always have enough light to cook by while adding a creative look to your home. In fact, you might want to connect the kitchen and dining room on a decorative scale with matching hanging lamps. All these fixtures will draw attention and spark conversations among friends.

Shelve It Increase storage space and make a decorative statement by installing floating shelves under staircases or along living room walls. Use them to store books, and add quirky collectibles. The shelves should appear both functional and intriguing.

Source: Mikkie Mills/RISMedia’s Housecall

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